Linear module is an important part of precision machine tool. In order to ensure the speed, accuracy and service life of the linear slide module, it needs to be operated correctly to prevent abnormal wear.

If the daily maintenance work is done well, the linear module can maintain good performance for a long time, extend the service life, and discover and eliminate hidden dangers in time. When the linear module is not used for a long time, if it is not carefully maintained and used suddenly, it will cause a decrease in accuracy and speed, a shortened service life, or other failures such as corrosion and rust. The usual maintenance includes the following aspects:

  1. If the motor matching the linear module is a DC motor, the brush should be removed from the DC motor when the DC motor is out of service to prevent chemical corrosion from damaging the commutator.
  2. In an environment with high humidity, the linear module should be energized regularly. When the motor is not running, let it run idly to dissipate the moisture in the linear module to ensure the stability and reliability of its performance.
  3. Anti-rust oil and lubricating oil should be used regularly for the linear modules that have been out of service to prevent rust or corrosion and avoid malfunctions during use.

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