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At first, we just can offer ball screw and nut, linear guide rail and block. Gradually we can offer linear modules and linear motor and other controller. Finally we can offer customers linear motion transmission system solutions.

At the beginning

Just offer ball screw, ball screw nut, linear guide rail and blocks.

Early Formative Years

Can offer standard linear modules, single axis robots, and multi-axis robot module

Offer linear motion system solutions

Gradually we can offer customers complete linear motion transmission system solutions

14 + Years in Work

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Step by Step Success Story

Foundation for Multiple Services

When the company’s establishment, we only provided customers with some simple linear motion system transmission accessories, such as ball screws, linear guides, and linear shaft.

  • Ball screw, ball screw nut
  • Diffenent Linear guideway, linear guide rail, linear guide blocks
  • Linear shaft, linear optical axes
  • Ball screw support
Start Additional Projects

In 2014, we began to provide customers with linear module, linear actuator, multi-linear modules, which also called multi-axis robot modules

  • Single linear module, single axis robot module
  • Linear actuator
  • Multi-linear modules, multi-axis robot modules
  • XYZ gantry working table
Linear Motion Motor

In 2016, we began to provide customers with linear drive system control system accessories, such as AC servo motors, private server drives, linear motors, PLC, etc.

  • AC servo motor
  • Servo motor drive
  • Stepper motor
  • Controller
  • PLC
offer customers linear motion system solutions

We can offer customers with complete linear motion transmission system solutions as customers require

  • XXY axis working table
  • XY axis workging table
  • XYZ multi-axis linear motor working table
  • others make according to customer require