Linear motors is the one element for linear modules. Linear modules are also called linear actuator, linear slides, and electric slides. They use synchronous belts or ball screws to drive the slider to move. They are generally composed of synchronous belts/ball screws, linear guides, aluminum alloy profiles, and balls. The screw support base, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch and other components are assembled.

Linear motor, also known as linear motion motor, is a transmission device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism.

Below we share how to choose between linear module and linear motors?
According to the different principles of linear modules and linear motor, you can refer to the following options:
1. Customers who generally receive little force, have a long stroke, and require relatively high precision, can choose to use a linear motor;
2. If the force is large, the stroke is short, and the customers with relatively high accuracy requirements, you can choose the screw linear module;
3. If the force is normal, the stroke is longer, and the customers who do not require high precision, you can choose the synchronous belt linear module.

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