How to effectively prevent the linear guide from rusting?

Today we will introduce how to prevent the linear guide from rusting.
In the fields of CNC numerical control machine tools, 3D printing equipment, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, etc., linear guides have been widely used so that require precise transmission control and positioning. However, due to the influence of the external environment, these linear guides are very easy to rust during use.

Nowadays, linear guides and ball screws have been widely used in CNC machine tools, precision testing instruments, all-electric injection molding machines, robots, manipulators, 3D printing equipment, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery and other fields that require high transmission control and positioning. However, these linear guides are prone to rust and corrosion due to the influence of the external environment during use. Rail corrosion is mainly caused by two reasons: the metal corrosion of the bearing itself and the corrosion of the parts of the work piece.

Teach you how to effectively prevent rust on linear guides
Effective protective measures can of course be avoided. This situation can be avoided completely, such as wearing professional gloves for handling components for installation operations.
Which aspects of the linear guide rail will be affected by metal corrosion?
1. Surface brightness;
2. The chemical structure and chemical composition of the metal sample;
3. The surface composition and PH value of the metal solution.

In fact, the most important reason for the corrosion of linear guides is that we do not know enough about their use. Generally speaking, linear guide rails will be rubbed with a layer of anti-rust oil on the surface when they leave the factory or when they are processed by the manufacturer. Why does it still rust? This is because many people put the guide rails in the warehouse after finishing using the guide rails, and they did not take some protective measures after using them.

After use, you should rub a layer of anti-rust oil on the guide rail. Don’t think it is not important. This is a very important step. Don’t think that the processor has already added oil. In fact, the rust preventive oil evaporates very quickly, so it should be stored in a room temperature warehouse and should not be mixed with corrosive items. It must be noted that the warehouse supports must be unified, and do not lay unused linear guides underground, because the underground anti-rust oil evaporates quickly.

If the equipment is equipped with an aluminum alloy frame, it can be wiped regularly for rust prevention or lubrication to prevent the lubricating oil from evaporating. When working for a long time, the machine table and the guideway surface contact and rub, which will increase the friction coefficient, which is not conducive to the service life of the slider.

If the linear guide is exposed to the outside and is in close contact with the outside air, dust, etc., in this case, it is recommended to be diligent and perform cleaning and maintenance work once a week. Use cloth to wipe the oil on the guide rail itself and the external dust. Then apply lubricating oil or grease to the chips, and must be maintained regularly, so that the linear guide can be operated with the mechanical automation equipment for a long time.

Anti-corrosion of rails is mainly to pay attention to keeping the surface of linear rails clean. When cleaning, you must choose an appropriate method according to the nature of the rusted surface of the rails and the current situation. Use filtered dry compressed air or a dryer at 120°C~170°C to dry and clean the surface and then blow dry, or dry it with clean gauze. Finally, apply the anti-rust oil on the linear guide, and apply the anti-rust oil: dipping, brushing, spraying, etc.

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