Linear guide rails are used to support and guide moving parts and move back and forth in a straight line along a given direction. By using a recirculating ball between the guide rail and the slider, the linear guide rail can achieve high-precision linear motion. Compared with the traditional slide rail, the friction coefficient of the linear guide rail is only 1/50 of that. Due to the restraint between the guide rail and the slider, the linear guide rail can bear the load in the up and down direction and left and right direction. Using these functions, linear guides can greatly improve the motion accuracy.

Longzhichuang linear guide has a ball guide with small contact points, low friction, adjustable rigidity, and compact structure. The reasonable arc design of the raceway can significantly improve the carrying capacity and is suitable for standardized mass production.

Our common applications for linear orbits are as follows:

  1. Precision electronic machinery
    Such as semiconductor equipment, scientific instruments, etc.
  2. Automation equipment
    Linear guides are used in various applications of automation equipment, including industrial automation, medical equipment and laboratory industries, including textile machinery, printing machinery, drug dispensers, blood testing equipment, physiotherapy machines, airway cleaning equipment, surgical positioners and others Surgery and dental tools.
  3. CNC machine tools
    Numerical control, also known as computer numerical control, usually called CNC, is the automatic control of processing tools such as drills, lathes, milling machines, and 3D printers through computers. CNC machine tools process a certain material (metal, plastic, wood, ceramic or composite material) to meet specifications by following coded programming instructions, without the need for direct manual control of the processing operation.