Optical Axis linear guide is composed of a rail support, a shaft (rail), and numbers of blocks. They are provided as a unit or as respective components as well. All components are standardized to be fully interchangable.
1. Circular linear guide SBR10, 12, 13, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50;

2. Guide Rod Material: S45# Carbon Steel or Gcr15 Bearing Steel

3, Support Rail:Aluminum Alloy

4. High quality,long life use,High precision

5. Manufactory with large stocks–Competitive price and prompt delivery

6. We can specially make the guide rail length,hole distance of installing hole according to your requirements

7. We can machine end round linear guide by your drawings.

Optical Axis linear guide, also called linear rolling guide: widely used in electronics, laser, engraving, cutting and other industries, with high precision, low noise, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, high speed, low cost, etc., is favored in the field of linear transmission.


used in the defense, precision machinery, medical instruments, chemical, printing, agriculture, robotic, automatic production lines, etc

Optical Axis linear guide advantages :
A. High rigidity and high load
B.Smooth running, low noise and non-pollution
C.High accurancy & easy setting up
D.Trial order is accpetable

SBR Optical Axis linear guide with slider

SBR Optical Axis linear guide with slider

SFC Cylinder Linear Shaft

SFC Linear Shaft with SK blocks

TBS Linear Shaft

TBS Linear Shaft, 0 to 6000mm length