Ball screw

Ours precision Ballscrew provide the most smooth and accurate movement. And the feture is low drive torque, high stiffness and quiet motion with predictable lengthened service life.

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ARC guide rail

The ARC guides quickly became an increasingly popular choice in circular motion application.

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AC Servo Motor

Our rotary motors including AC servo motor and DC brush motor, and the featured with high speed, low torque.

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Different Linear Guideway

A linear guideway allows a type of linear motion, and it can utilizes rolling elements such as balls or rollers.

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Customized Linear Shaft

It also called linear optical axis, and it has the guiding function of the sliding bearing,  and it can realize linear motion.

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Servo drive

The servo drive is also called “servo controller” or “servo amplifier”. It is a controller used to control the servo motor, and it is a part of the servo system, and it is mainly used in high-precision positioning systems.

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Various Modules

You also called linear single-axis robot module for linear modules, with the ballscrew and magnetic slide design module developed and produced by ourselve

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Linear Motor

The principle is based on Lorentz force, and it is the combination of electric and magnetic force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields.

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Custom XYZ axis

Custom XYZ axis also called multi-Axis Robot or multi-linear modules, and it was make by linear motor or linear modules.


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Linear motion parts

Not only suppluy ball screw, linear guideway, linear modules, arc guide, linear shaft, we also XYZ axis robots modules, AC servo motor.

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Provide Linear drive system solution

In addition to providing customers with linear transmission components, our engineers also provide customers with linear system solutions, such as the assembly of XYZ-axis gantry table accessories. After confirming the solutions and confirming the order, our engineers will provide the customer with a 3D installation drawing. Then we will start production.

  • Single linear motor system for print machine
  • XY axis linear motor system
  • Multi-linear module for agriculture machine
  • XYZ axis robots liner module for CNC machine
  • ARC guide for automated assembly line
  • Customized big diameter ball screw
  • Many standard linear motion parts in stock
  • Customized linear system as your require