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ARC guide

Curved guide rail is that the slide moves in an arc along the guide rail. In many applications of industrial automation, linear motion is very common; but some applications require arc motion; or two intersecting, or parallel linear motions, connected by arc motion to achieve seamless connection of linear motion; at this time , You can consider choosing curved guide rails.
Circular arc guide, also called arc guide, when the sliding seat moves in one direction, the turning direction is always one direction: clockwise or counterclockwise.

Features of ARC guide

A sliding seat matched with the curved guide rail is a special kind of sliding seat. On a sliding seat, there are a total of 4 rollers, and every two rollers perpendicular to the direction of movement are a set. It is installed on a board, and the board is installed on a board. That special bearing can rotate along the center of the bearing, and the bearing is installed on the sliding seat plate. In this way, each roller set can rotate along the curved guide rail, to ensure the smooth running of the rollers without jamming.

Features of arc guide system

  • The material selection of the guide rail is scientific and reasonable, and the actual use environment of the project is fully considered, and the wear resistance is good
  • High-precision positioning method in servo drive
  • There are many ways to connect in series
  • Intelligent control
  • Simple and convenient maintenance package

Widely used in various industries, such as electronic assembly, inspection, wrapping, laser marking, medical treatment, automobile, welding, automated semi-automatic assembly line

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Working principle

Here are two types of curved guide rails available on the market. One is a V-shaped guide roller guide rail, and the other is a newer type of trapezoidal guide technology. V-shaped guide roller guide is a V-shaped roller on a V-shaped guide rail. Rolling on the surface has the advantages of a V-shaped guide: such as high speed, dust resistance, and long service life; and the guide rail of the trapezoidal guide technology is a trapezoidal roller surface rolling on the ladder-shaped guide rail surface, in addition to the advantages of the V-shaped guide rail , it also has a greater load capacity

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