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Linear Guideway

Linear guideway, also called linear guides, slides, linear guide way, and linear slides, it use for in high-precision or high-speed linear reciprocating motion applications, and it can bear a certain torque, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load conditions. It is called linear guides in the mainland, but it is called linear guideway or linear slide in Taiwan.
Linear guideway allows a type of linear motion that utilizes rolling elements such as balls or rollers. Linear guideway can achieve high precision linear motion through using recirculating rolling elements between the rail and the block.

Features and advantage

Linear guides have three types: roller linear guides, cylindrical linear guides, and ball linear guides. They support and guide the moving parts and perform reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. But depending on the nature of friction, linear motion guides can be divided into sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, and fluid friction guides, etc.

  • High positional accuracy
  • Long life with high motion accuracy
  • High speed motion is possible with a low driving force
  • Equal loading capacity in all directions
  • Easy installation and easy lubrication
  • Interchangeability

Machine centers、Machine tools、Precision machining machines、Heavy cutting machines、Punching machines、Marble cutting machines、Automatic equipments、Grinding machines、High speed transfer equipments、Injection molding machines、Measuring equipments

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We can offer ours brand linear guides, and we also can offer HIWIN, PMI, THK, TBI linear guides, usually we have some normal standard model linear guideway in stock, and we also accept customized linear guides.

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