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Linear Motor System

LONGZHICHUANG linear motor stages are directly driven axes with linear motors, which are designed as a plug and play solution. Linear motors are capable of fast accelerations and high speeds, while providing unmatched precision and accuracy. LONGZHICHUANG offers standardized linear motor designs but customizable options are available. The linear stages are provided as a complete solution including drives on request. Customers can select the drive manufacturer of their choice We supply the required electronic parameters for adaptation of the linear motor.

Linear Motor System structure

With various combinations of standard single-axis stage, it may constitute a number of different itineraries and functional gantry stage. It can shorten product development time course, and also has the advantages of mass production. This type of stage is often used in optoelectronic components, panel displays, medical equipment industries, etc

  • Slight inertia
  • Simple assembly
  • Rigid aluminum bridge
  • Equipped with coreless linear motors

We can supply all above type of linear motor system, and we also can be accept customized linear motor system, but you need offer size details drawing to us. And what’s more, if you can offer us details parameter you need, our engineer can offer you good linear motor system soulation.

1, Optical detection applications, 3D measurement system
2, Water cutting, the glass substrate testing equipment, wafter bonding
3, White testing equipment, wafter defect detection equipment
4, Large-szie glass substrate detection equipment

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We can offer provide customized linear motor system according to customer demand, but you need infomr us details parameter.

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