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Linear motor

Linear motor is a transmission device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. It can be seen as a rotating electric machine that is sectioned in the radial direction and developed into a plane.
Linear motors are also called linear motors, linear motors, linear motors, and push rod motors. The most commonly used linear motor types are flat and U-groove, and tubular. The typical composition of the coil is three-phase, and the Hall element realizes brushless commutation.


Linear motors have many unique advantages over mechanical systems, such as very high speed and very low speed, high acceleration, almost zero maintenance (no contact parts), high precision, and no backlash. To complete the linear motion, only the motor does not need gears, couplings or pulleys, which is very meaningful for many applications.

  • Simple structure
  • Suitable for high-speed linear motion
  • High utilization of primary winding
  • No lateral edge effect
  • Easy to overcome the unilateral magnetic tension problem
  • Easy to adjust and control
  • Adaptable
  • High acceleration

Linear motors’ principle is based on Lorentz force, in which the combination of electric and magnetic force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields. (If a particle of charge q moves with velocity v in the presence of an electric field E and a magnetic field B, then it will experience a force) F=q[E+(v*B)] In addition, the use of magnet arrangement and multiple forcers can achieve multiple forcers’ independence movement on single-axis stators and without stroke restriction. Also nanopositioning control. can be easily realistic via matching the high resolution feedback system.

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Selection basis and software

The selection specification of linear motor is mainly for the selection of thrust, usually there is software as an auxiliary tool. In order to accurately select the thrust of the linear motor, it is necessary to know the load weight, effective stroke, maximum speed and maximum acceleration. With the assistance of the selection software, you can select the appropriate thrust motor.

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