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Linear Shaft

The linear optical axis also called linear shaft. The function is guiding sliding bearing, and it can be relized linear moiton. The necessary conditions for these linear motion systems are: simple design, best execution ability, low maintenance costs, use of strict selection of durable materials, high-frequency heat treatment, accurate outer diameter size, roundness, and straightness, and surface treatment, etc.

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Linear shaft  function is guiding sliding bearing.

  • Ordinary linear optical axis (sf)
  • Chrome-plated linear flexible shaft (rsfc)
  • Stainless steel linear shaft
  • Chrome-plated hollow shaft


Linear shaft is mainly used for in below field:

Oil cylinders, air cylinders, shock absorbers, textile machinery, textile printing and dyeing, hydraulic and pneumatic, engineering machinery.

Packaging machinery, printing machinery guide rods, die casting machines, injection molding machine guide rods and four-column press guide rods.

Fax machines, printers, woodworking machinery and other modern office machinery guide shafts, and other industry products with precision slender shafts as components

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The requirements of the linear optical axis on the application system

The linear optical axis plays an important role in the industrial field. Without this product, it may not be possible to achieve linear motion.

So in practical applications, what are the requirements of the linear optical axis for the application system?

First of all, in order to ensure the application effect, linear optical axis application system should have good execution capabilities
Secondly, in fact, the linear optical axis has strict requirements for the application system.

Third, when the linear optical axis is used for a long time in the application system, it should be ensured that the maintenance cost is low.

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