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Ball screw description

LONGZHICHUANG precision Ballscrew provide the most smooth and accurate movement, together with low drive torque, high stiffness and quiet motion with predictable lengthened service life. LONGZHICHUANG rolled Ballscrew also provide smooth movement and long life for general applications with less precision in lower price. LONGZHICHUANG has modern facilities, highly skilled engineers, quality manufacturing and assembly processes, and uses quality materials to meet your special requirements

Ball screw features

High load capacity: adopt special raceway groove design, upgrade the size and increase the load. High speed: Optimize the tube circulation structure, effectively increase the On value, and realize the speed. High precision: hardware processing technology reduces pitch error and ensures lead accuracy. High reliability: optimize the tube circulation structure, enhance the strength of vulnerable parts, and reduce failures

  • High transmission efficiency
  • High positioning accuracy.
  • Transmission reversibility
  • Long lasting
  • Good synchronization performance

We can supply all above type of ball screw nut, and we also can be accept customized ball screw nut, but you need offer size details drawing to us.

Ball screw is a mechanical element composed of screw, nut, ball and other parts. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotary motion. It is a further extension of traditional sliding screw. The profound significance of this development is the same as the changes brought by rolling bearings to sliding bearings. Due to its excellent friction characteristics, rolling screw pairs are widely used in various industrial equipment, precision instruments, and precision CNC machine tools.

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What we can Do

We can make ball screw diameter from 12mm to 120mm, and we have some normall rolled ball screw in stock, and if you need C5 or more accurate ball screw, you need offer us size details drawing, then we can quote and make it for you.

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