Linear guide rail is an important transmission accessory for mechanical equipment. In the era when automation equipment is becoming more and more popular, the use of linear guide rail will be more and more, and the common problems of linear guide rail will be more and more. solved.

The following is a summary of common problems in linear guide applications.
Common problems in the use of linear guides:

1. After a period of operation, it may be found that the track of the linear guide has imprints and the steel ball of the slider is cracked. What is the reason?
Generally, because the load is too large, the steel ball leaves the track, causing the steel ball to crack and cause continuous damage to the track. In this case, you can consider dismantling and replacing the larger one, such as 20, replacing it with 25, or increasing the number of sliders, reducing the external load, and changing the installation method to reduce the bearing capacity of one side.

If it comes from smoothness, you can consider choosing another lubricant to increase the lubricity and reduce the lubrication distance. It is necessary to check whether there is any dirt entering the slide rail. If there is dirt entering, it is necessary to improve the sealing parts or add dust-proof parts.

2. Why does the steel ball fall out after the slider has operated for a period of time?
The iron pin falling from the bead groove causes the damage of the steel ball to the end of the service life, and the surface of the steel part is tired and overloaded. It may be caused by too much load, incorrect installation or as long as one side bears the force distance. It may cause the steel ball to fall off.

3. After the slider has been walking for a period of time, it is found that the bearing end cover and end antifouling are deformed or cracked?
If the installation method is wrong, only one side between the slider and the track will bear the force, or it may be damaged by external force, which may cause deformation or cracking of the bearing end cover and end antifouling.

If the inside of the slider is poor, the anti-fouling system can be changed, other smooth grease can be replaced, and the amount of smooth oil can be added to reduce the distance of the wetting time. When installing, pay attention to the difficulty of installation perspective. The improvement of product equipment needs to be installed by professional skilled engineers to prevent damage to the linear guide slider.

With the development trend of precision transmission accessories linear guides in the automation technology industry, it is very important to master some common difficult problems of linear guides.

The more professional knowledge about linear guides, the more professional knowledge about linear guides, which will help us to deal with linear guides and encounter problems. Get timely and effective treatment to better use the linear guide.