The working principle of the linear guide rail can be understood as a kind of rolling guidance, which is an infinite rolling cycle of steel balls between the slider and the guide rail, so that the load platform can easily move with high precision along the guide rail and reduce the friction coefficient to normal One-fiftieth of the traditional sliding guide can easily achieve high positioning accuracy.

Linear guides, also known as linear guides, slides, linear guides, and linear slides, are used for linear reciprocating motion applications. They have a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can bear a certain torque at the same time. Accurate linear motion. It is called linear guide in the mainland, and generally called linear guide or linear slide in Taiwan.

Basic functions of linear guides and precautions for installation and operation
Linear guides are very common in industrial applications. It has the following three basic functions:
(1) Guiding the movement of the carrier
(2) Provide a lubricated sports appearance for the carrier
(3) The force generated by the movement of the train or the cutting of the machine tool is transmitted to the foundation or the bed to reduce the impact of the resulting impact on the carrier and the forced processing machine.

Linear guides are high-precision accessories. When installing and applying, you must be very careful to avoid uneven surroundings and reduce precision. If the machine needs to change the guide rail, it must be done by professionals.
So what are the tips for installing linear guides?
When installing first, put on the surrounding screws first, not fast or slow, and tighten at the same time. If a single screw cannot be tightened and the balance of the linear guide is tilted, it will cause various problems, the dimensional accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there are some deviations. To prevent this situation, make sure to install it in the correct way.

Longzhichuang linear guide products are made of high-carbon steel, which is not easy to wear and has high hardness. However, knocking should be avoided. If some problems occur, never use a hard object to directly knock the correction.

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