The history of people using ball screws for transmission is actually not very long. Traditional ballscrews have always been poorly positioned and easily damaged.

It was not until 1898 AD that people first tried to put a steel ball between the ballscrews nut and the ball screw to replace the sliding friction with rolling friction to improve its poor positioning and easy damage. In 1940, the ball screw was placed on the automobile steering device, which was a huge revolution in the application of the ball screw, and gradually replaced the traditional Akem ballcrew. Until recent years, the ball screw has become one of the most widely used components in the industry.

Originally, only advanced industrial countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Japan were able to mass produce ballscrew in the world. Since 1982, He Feng Precision Co., Ltd. has set up a factory to produce ball screw in Tanzi, Taichung County, officially opening the era when Taiwan has the ability to produce such high-precision parts on its own. Today, Taiwan is now capable of R&D and mass production of ball screws. Shanghai has already kept pace with other advanced industrial countries, and has further become the world’s main supply base, which can be regarded as one of the most significant achievements of Taiwan’s mechanical components industry.

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